30 Year Investor Loans

Real Experience is the difference.  We actually come from real estate investing, so we understand wholesaling, what it takes to do a rehab and strategies like BRRRR.

We support you as a landlord

Finance a new purchase, refinance a property you own, or free up cash in your portfolio with us

Rates as low as 5.25% 1
Condos, 2-4 units, detached-pud, and single-family properties 2
Foreign nationals and entity borrowers eligible
Cash-out up to $500,000 after 6 months 3
No payment penalty after 3 years
FICO as low as 620
  • Rates and LTV are based on loan term, borrower qualifications, and property factors and are subject to change.
  • Non owner-occupied rental properties only.
  • Cash-out LTV based solely off of appraised value, not cost basis.

Why use PrivateLender.com

  • $995 Document Prep and Processing Fee (no junk fees)
  • Our average 30 year loan closing takes 18 days and our average fix and flip takes 12 days
  • We use local appraisers without a complicated appraisal managment company (AMC) to shorten the time to close
  • A policy of telling you "Yes or No" as soon as possible so you don't waste time
  • Logical and common sense analysis of the deal
  • In house lawyers that understand real estate investing and investors
  • In house loan package document preparation to avoid closing delays
  • We are a direct lender with no third party delaying funding the closing

Partner with us

Partner with PrivateLender.com as your investment loan provider.  We do so much more than just cookie cutter short term hard money loans.

"What an amazing team at PrivateLender.com. I am in the business and I only share their info with true real estate professionals because I honestly want to keep them to myself. If you are in the business of real estate these guys can be your biggest asset. I call them for all my loan deals and know they can get it done when others say no."

- Carlos A